Creator and Owner-operator

Baraka K. McCann


Baraka McCann was born and raised in Missouri City, Texas the outskirts of Houston. She always had a passion for fashion. She was an Commercial Print Model for Neil Hamil Agency in 2010-2012. She continued pursuing her dreams in fashion by styling others, working in retail for more than six years, and even directed some local Fashion Shows in Houston. She loves every aspect of fashion; shopping for new trends, reading magazines, directing runway shows, you name it she's got it. She has 2 degrees, Bachelors in Psychology, and a Associates in Fashion Merchandising. She is Now pursuing her Masters in Global Retailing. Baraka McCann's dream is having a well rounded career in the fashion Industry and for Editorials or product development for a company.

SheSimplyChic™️ is a brand for every woman across the globe. The name came from my mother. She always tells me, “Wear something simple...but elegant". That phrase will forever stick with me, and for that I dedicate the name to her. Fashion is so versatile, and fun! The main goal is to always be self-confident on what you are wearing! If you are not confident in what you have on, then you have nothing! With this blog I will show my personal different aspects of fashion in different atmospheres you can wear on a day to day basis. Tips on what I do on certain outfits, will be well rounded. Think about me being your sister and you run to me for help or advice for fashion! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog! Make sure you subscribe!