The Revamp

Hey you guys!! Happy Memorial Day! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 

Hey my loves, how are you! How you like the new blog? πŸ‘€ So let me tell you guys what happened! So I most definitely was trying to change the theme (template) of the website and I deleted everything on accident. I was so sad, but everything happens for a reason! So why not start fresh! Plus I needed a break from blogging, to actually relax! Being constant for 6 months on top of school, and work is tiring, I graduated on May 12 with my second degree!

So, back to this outfit ! This is such a summer outing outfit! Houston is getting hot, and got to keep it classy! Black, and white, with a red lip! This outfit is when you go out and have fun! Remember I wanted to give you guys different kind of outfits, and this is Fun! 

We are now back and rolling, and I hope you enjoyed this look! Remember to use my discount code β€œBARAKAM” at Fashionnova for a discount! 

Outfit details below!