Brunch fun

Hey my loves, how are you!!! I’m doing well! I have great news! I am now the plus size brand ambassador for Plug fashions! Plug Fashion is a brand that sells cute cute clothes, accessories, wigs, and more for literally a good reasonable price! When i say a good reasonable price i mean like no more than $30, $35!!! Right hard to be believe i know but go check them out! 

This dress let me tell you, I was so scared lol. I’m not going to lie! I literally stepped out of my comfort zone! When i spoke to Plug Fashion, he told me to trust him! I was like ahhh okay lol. I really turned around and love these photos! They came out amazing! The dress i was really and truly shocked about!

The reason why I was so shocked was because usually when you see prints like this, it's screen printed!! What I mean by screen printed is when you stretch the material, it turns white. The material didn't turn white at all! I love that! 

This outfit, of course, I would wear it to brunch or even a fun day with your girls! Blue is literally my favorite color and like I tell you guys, being out the least color out of your outfit! So white it is, paired with some glasses!

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did! Even though this dress doesn't cost a lot! I have a discount code for you guys!

Use discount code chic10 for an additional 10% off! Yes hard to believe but it's true! Outfit details below!


Purse-(Ashley Stewart, old)


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