Cruising collect

Hey my loves, how are you! I'm doing pretty good! I just came back from vacation today! Happy to be back but the Houston weather is making me Want to travel back to Denver!

Anyways, back to the look at hand, I have collaboration with Fat Mermaids again! This time this shirt I thought was cute with a message added! This shirt literally says Baraka all over it lol because everybody knows I daydream a lot! I literally daydream about my future and how outfits are going to look for you guys! 

So I thought this was perfect for me! So of course since it's a graphic shirt I wanted to dress it up some! But in a casual way! so adding these green joggers with these purple loafers are so cute. Then to add with a jean jacket will go perfectly! 

So you know I have a discount code you right?  

Like the loafers?!?  Want 50% off? Use my code ”SBSUMMER110” for anything on the SimplyBe website!

Want this jacket as well? Use my discount code ”BARAKAM” for 20% off 

Outfit details below!

Jean Jacket -(light wash sold out, other wash available)



Loafers-( :( I'm sorry they sold out, but check these other loafers out)

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