Vacation vibes

Happy 4th of July!!

Hey you guys, how are you?! I'm doing good, guess what?!? I'm on vacation, in Denver, Colorado! Having lots of fun out here! I wanted to give you a cute and casual outfit. 

With this look, fashionNova and Luca+Danni! You know like always I love kimonos, dusters, and cardigans! This one is so cute to be because I love the blues that stand out in the Kimono! Plus the millennial pale pink! 

The jewelry you see in the picture below is from Luca+Danni! Their jewelry is so cute! I love the bracelets, you can wear these with anything! Even if you want to just dress up your outfit! I'll have the details for each piece below! 

Remember to use my discount code at FashionNova!  ”BARAKAM” 

Outfit details below! 






Jewelry details below


Jewel bracelet  

Mermaids vibe bracelet  

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