Sus, when is last time you wore a jumpsuit?

Hey you guys how are you! I’m back with another post!!! I have been doing good righttttt. Anyways, I’m back with a look that is not sponsored or an ad. I was looking through the clothing websites that i have a star on my phone like i normally do, and I had run across Ashley Stewart. If you been kicking it with me, You know. I used to stay buying pieces from Ashley Stewart. But i honestly haven’t been liking their clothes now, I feel like the quality went down and they gave a new buyer.

So when I say I haven’t shopped there in a like a year. I would look but not see ANYTHING. But I do like the new curvy girl and LALA Anthony line. Everybody knows I love a good jumpsuit Right? So we know about the Cinco De Mayo look right?

Below are some of my favorite jumpsuits

So as we see here, I love jumpsuits lol, but that’s not even all of them. Remember I redid my blog and the rest got deleted. But i added an extra one, the rest of the pictures above you can click on them and it will take you straight to the posts. Now LaLa Anthony jumpsuit. I was very impressed, this jumpsuit is VERY VERY stretchy. The jumpsuit comes with straps as well but of course, you couldn’t be able to seem them with my hair. But, I noticed if you have big boobs like me, the top part of the jumpsuit flaps down with the straps, and it doesn’t look right to me.

But I can tell you this is a piece you can dress up or down. Very stretchy like I said before, i just did a casual look with some clear heels and the purse from RoseGal, cute brunch, or hang out jumpsuit for me. See ya soon! Outfit details below!!!

Outfit Details




Baraka McCann