Swimsuit season?

Hey loves, how are you doing? Today i want to talk about swimsuits and my collaboration i have with Rosegal! (Have 2 more looks from Rosegal to share, stay tuned for that) So has any real plus size/curvy girl (like rolls, cellulite) seen any good swimsuits this summer season? Like to me, these swimsuits are becoming more and more for straight sizes. What are your thoughts about them? Did you see on the average overall cute swimsuits this season? Below are some swimsuits that I thought was cute below!

So on to this collaboration with Rose Gal! First I want to say thank you to RoseGal for this collab. This is the first swimsuit that I thought that was the bomb, I even sent it to my friend LaShaun and she agreed it was cute! So i went with this one! Now the Rose Gal website, it is one of those websites you really have to dig and find nice pieces! This swimsuit is confusing to put on, but as soon as you put it on, it’s so cute! Now the only thing about this swimsuit i didn’t like was my rolls was out! But that might be the mistake on me because i should’ve gone up in size! But this is most definitely a show stopper! Very stretchy, and very light in weight. The first pic is how it looks on the model and of course theirs me lol outfit details below!!!

Outfit details below!

Bathing suit

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