Swimsuit Season Part 2?

Hey you guys! How are you! I’m back with another swimsuit collaboration with RoseGal and to talk a little more about this summer season of plus size swimsuits. So from my previous post, we talked about how this summer plus size swimsuits weren't all that cute right. So after picking this swimsuit out, just doing my causal look around websites i started seeing the same swimsuit over and over! Below I put some swimsuits from different websites. To me personally, yes it’s a great concept! To find rolls and arms for certain women is a must. But once again we need to distinguish the difference between curve and plus size. The reason why am saying this because below you can see the difference between brief to actual bikini bottom and all these websites had said that the bottoms were “high waisted briefs” the only one i see that’s a true high waisted was from Rue107 (very first one). Even though this a popular design. Plus size companies should open their horizon on better creativity to stand out from curvy/straight sizes! We should feel beautiful and stand out!

Now with this RoseGal swimsuit I was also shocked because I was very comfortable. You know how some swimsuits can be uncomfortable? Now the only thing that I didn't like was the String that I had a wrap around myself. I would actually wear this swimsuit without putting my sleeves through, I would wear this sleeveless. But as i stated before, I was actually surprised how comfortable I was in general with this swimsuit. Now, I do wish that this swimsuit had more stability in it as far as holding everything in. But for the price I would snatch this up. And also you can use my 20% off code “RGT20“ for this swimsuit when you grab it to go! Thank you again to RoseGal for wanting to collaborate with me. Stay tuned for the last outfit you guys! I really feel like you will enjoy it, outfit details below!!

Outfit details


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