Asian Persuasion

Hey you guys! How are you? I'm doing good!! I've been very very busy! But, this week I decided to give you guys two outfits that I been trying to get out lol! I wasn't going to do this outfit, but my blogger friend Shakera told me I should post about it! So here I am!

This jumpsuit, I would've never thought about getting something like this, I don't know why, but for those who don't know I work at Eloquii, (Plus size brand; sizes 14-28 ) and we had a grand opening event. I didn't work that day, so I decided to come to the event! I completely didn't know what to wear. So one of my coworkers helped me, and I was shocked. 

At first, I was scared if it was going to be hot to wear, but honestly, it is very breathable!! I went to the event and had a awesome time with other bloggers, networked and talked to alot of the corporate people of Eloquii! Bomb event and i had a good time!

I hope you like this look, check out outfit details below!




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