E7 Class

Hey you guys, how are you!! I’m doing a little better than before, my body is so tired from not getting any sleep. i already have insomnia, but literally i be fully awake. Just looking lost, but hopefully this half of the week is going well for you!

Remember when i told you guys i was doing FashionNovaCurve Denim Campaign!! These jeans fit me like a glove literally! I know i have been loosing weight, but i can tell i am in these jeans! These are real jeans compared to the jeggings jeans. This jacket is so cute, but it is part of the long, big fit. The jacket sleeve is very, very, long! But I love that look.

We are getting ready for fall very soon. So I am going to start incorporating fall pieces into my looks. Even though in Houston it stays summer until the November literally. So we will we see how it goes! Lol if you want this look check out the outfit details and use my promo code ”BARAKAM” for discount on your purchase!


Bralette-(Ashley Stewart)


Shoes-(discount store) 

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