New Scene

Hey you guys, how are you! I’m doing well!!  I'm on my second week of grad School!! It was more laid back than what I thought! I’m also getting everything ready for my trip next week!!! So stay tuned!

So GUESS WHAT....guess who is a influencer for ELOQUII, this girl!!! I want to say thank you ELOQUII for allowing me to be a influencer for  you guys 😘. When I say a company who really cares about their customers!! 

Lets talk about this this dress, so this is a dress, I wanted to try something different, this kind of dress is one of ELOQUII’s signature dresses. I always wanted one to see how it would look on me, I like it but I think since I’m in the process of losing weight, it doesn’t shape me as well. But I really do like it! Such a cute dress for church, or brunch! The details on this dress took me by surprise. The signature on these kind of dresses is the bow! Tell me what you think about it!

Outfit details below! 





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