Print of summer

Hey you guys, how are you? I'm doing well! Getting some things done before school starts! I start school on the 20th so I'm just running around trying to get myself together! So this outfit, I have been trying to post this out LITERALLY ALL SUMMER. I know for a fact since May!

This outfit is a yes but no for me DAWG lmao. Reasons for the yes because of the print for this set. This is such a summer outfit! The colors are what set it for me. NOW, the no is two buttons on the back where you hook the buttons in the loops at the top. Are VERY VERY small, I don't even know how they got the button in there!

I don't know if I got one that was made wrong or what, but I most definitely leave it be lol. The jumpsuit is very fitting as you can tell. Of course, you can wear the kimono by its self and that would be your statement piece! So this is one of my end of the summer looks!

I have a couple left! We are in August! We have to start preparing for fall you guys! Y'all know fall and winter are my favorite seasons! Outfit details below!

Halter Jumpsuit


Heels-(color sold out, but other colors available)

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