The Military Brat

Hey you guys! How are you! I’m doing great! Back with another look! Which I am really feeling! First I want to give a shout out to Josh and his clothing lime Black Merch! Really love this shirt! Wish you nothing but blessings and success with your line! Thank you for this collaboration, and starting with your brands means a lot! 

Secondly, did you guys know that I'm an actual military brat? My dad was in the Army for 20 years! So camouflage was a very common print that I kept seeing when I was young! But, back to the outfit.

This outfit is a streetwear look. I haven't done one in a minute. So I decided to give you guys one for now. Black and White, you can never go wrong with those two colors. But when you add a touch a red, not too much red, but just enough! It makes the outfit so complete! 

I hope you like this look, for outfit details look below! Make sure to use both of my discount codes

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Purse-(Sam Moon)


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