Her Moment

Hey you guys! Sooo, I know you been seeing pictures going around of me in this outfit while i was in NY lol. So it’s time to share. First, i want to give a HUGE shoutout to my friend deme ( his instagram ) for shooting me! He so talent and does it so effortlessly. You are amazing, I will be back in February!! Secondly, let's talk about how I truly adore and LOVEEEE NY! I really loved everything about it, of course, it's expensive and the traffic is terrible. But, I loved the atmosphere, loved the people, loved how the city never sleeps! I just knew i was going to fall in love!! I will write a event on the fashion show i attended. So stay tuned for that! Also, i was suppose to go to CurvyCon but never got a chance to go because i was so busy! NEXT YEAR IM GOING lol

Back to this outfit! So in general i love to get huge dramatic statement pieces. But i always wait for a good moment to pull it out! I have been talking about this duster for a long time! Let me tell you something!! I instantly fell in love when i saw it on Instagram, and for sure loved it when i received it, it’s so big and so dramatic i love! So when i seen different people wear this, i seen blue jean shorts. I personally wanted this look to be different from what i seen, classy, and of course chic. At first i was going to wear all black heels.

But, i realized the heels that i am wearing in the picture has this light pink in them. So i thought it was perfect! This duster is a one size fit all! I was scared on how tight it was going to be on my arms, but surprisingly it fits perfect! Obsessed with the outfit! Had fun with this look!! Outfit details below!!! 





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