Entering fall

Hey you guys! How are you doing! I know I have been gone but life happens right? Best thing to do is to keep it moving and just dont completely stop. But, I been so focused on grad school you guys, so forgive me this semester or up to November if I disappear and come back! 

Now back to this outfit, I sensing a #girlboss look👀. This such an appropriate outfit for work! Now since we are in fall now, we going to bring sleeves into play! The details on this shirt are everything! I love off the shoulder shirts, this shirt doesn't rise on the shoulder.

With the navy blue detail I decided to of course find navy pants. Now these snap away pants are everything! I love the details on the black line on the side, and then these shoes, you guys I'm not going to lie, the most comfortable shoes I ever own!! They are so cute and so light, never would've thought I would find a comfortable heel like these!! In overall, the belt set the tone for the outfit, simply because without it. It would be missing something. Also you guys this purse I got it for $20 at Nordstrom...WHAT A STEAL!

Outfit details below

Shirt( Eloquii in store) 

Pants-( Eloquii, old)

Belt-(Macy’s, old)

Shoes-(Jessica Simpson)

Purse-(topshop at Nordstrom)

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