Back to School Tings

Happy Monday you guys! How are you today!! Today is the first day back to school! Well at least for college students! You guys today I am so nervous for class it's unreal!!  I'm still in denial about being accepted lol. But I hope every college student have a good first day and a blessed semester! 

This look I wanted to give you guys something fun! Something that you ladies can obviously wear to class and still be cute!! Remember ladies on campus heels is a NO GO for the first week! Especially if your new to campus, and have gravel and rocks! If you don't know where you going, or if you don't have a presentation!! Don’t wear heels!!!

I will never forget for my undergrad on the first week of class, I would see girls wearing heels and was basically wobble, and fall IN HEELS! Trying to be cute, ladies, just wear flats sandals, or sneakers, TRUST ME! 

This look I collaborated with my lovely company FashionNovaCurve! To get this cute look, take a look at the outfit details below! Also, don't forget to use my discount code when you purchase the shirt and jeans! Code ”BARAKAM” for a discount!




Purse-(Sam Moon)  

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