Hey you guys how are you?!? I’m doing well, up late writing for you guys. I want to talk about how i am terrified when i mean terrified of snakes, but I been buying a lot of reptile clothing lol. I don't know what it is!! I actually really like this trend, not all of it though! I just been liking the statements pieces I have been getting of course.

Let me know if you like snakes or not because your girl does NOT fool with them. Also, another trend I have been getting into is the neon colors. This green has been getting my attention, the lime neon green been so radiant and so pretty it's somewhat hard to not like this color!!  

I was serious about statement pieces this year and going to try to show you guys at least one statement piece in each look. Listen, when i first saw this jacket back in December(yes i know lol) i had to get it! Reason why i took to long to post was because i wanted to find the exact same shoe color! Which was very hard to do. But i finally found the right color and this outfit came out BOMB!!! I was searching high and low for these shoes. Can you believe i got them for $12.97...yes most definitely. 

If you want a show stopper, or walk in the room and catch everybody attention this jacket is the one! This Jacket doesn’t look this vibrant online! So i was catching a lot of stares and compliments lol.  Stay tuned because i still haven’t showed you guys my outfits from NY! 

Outfit details below

Trench Coat

Bodysuit- Fashion To Figure (sold out)



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