All the stars

Hey you guys! I know, I know I honestly wasn't going to post this outfit you guys! But, I said I can't do this to you all! I'm trying to keep my word on posting constantly! So here I am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have been VERY overwhelmed with a lot going on, personally and already with school! You guys..i have a presentation on the very first day of class. Class starts on Monday the 20th. Welcome to grad school! Lol ,I just can't deal with the fact of that, but it's okay, I will make it through! I have no choice what so EVER! 

With this outfit, I was honestly rushing with this outfit!! it is very different and I know I have to show you guys different looks! I have to! It wouldn't be me to not show you! The thing about it is, I always wanted a shirt like this!

So it was fun shooting in this shirt! But, it was also hot this day, so I was ready to get out of it! The glitter stars do come off a little! But, it's glitter, so you know how that goes! 

Hope you enjoyed this outfit! Outfit details below! Use my simplybeusa 50% discount code for this top! β€œSBSUMMER110” 

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