The Microblading Experience

Okayyyy let’s talk about this experience it has been a week!!! First off i want to thank @themicrobladenurse_sarah for making this experience so easy for me! Initially, i was so skeptical on mirocblade eyebrows! First, I saw a lot of people eyebrows not coming out right, or they look too dark, just a mess. Then I saw my favorite Youtuber get experience on getting them done...the ink rejected. So when Sarah approached me I was very, very hesitate about it!

But, i was like let me take a leap of faith 😂😂 and Sarah is a nurse as well so i trusted her! Sarah, I want to let you know you are so sweet, and you know exactly what you are doing! I can tell you guys she loves what she does! I can honestly say In general, I Iove how my eyebrows look 😭 they are to die for! I have been getting compliments every single day since! I think she did an awesome job! The daily routine was most definitely simple, (especially if have tattoos ) If you would want to get your eyebrows microblade please message @themicrobladenurse_sarah on Instagram for more details!! See you soon Sarah 😘

Baraka McCannComment